Guelph/Wellington wants to be Canada’s first circular food economy and we have what it takes. These videos highlight four amazing community members and businesses who are rooted in food sustainability, innovation, waste reduction and education. You’ll see how we’re leading the way in the agri-tech, food science and agriculture sectors. It’s possible… and it’s already happening right here!

Clovermead Farms

Clovermead Farms operate a circular dairy farm where they produce their own cow feed, and they use cow manure and local food waste to operate an anaerobic digester that produces heat, electricity, and fertilizer to sustain their operations.

Oreka Solutions

Oreka Solutions is a 360-degree circular business that recycles the nutrients from food that would otherwise be thrown away back into our food system.

University of Guelph

The University of Guelph runs a circular composting program that repurposes several tonnes of food waste from their Hospitality Services program to nourish the fields at the Guelph Centre for Urban Organic Farming on campus.

CWDHS School of Food

The Centre Wellington District High School runs The Food School; a series of integrated courses that teach students about cooking and growing food, with the intention of promoting sustainable food systems.