Coordinate a Harve$t Impact Fund to support Circular Enterprises

Great ideas need funding to become reality. This project will help circular food businesses and collaborations attract financial support. The Harve$t Impact Project will act as a matchmaker, connecting investors with change-makers who are applying circular ideas, data and technology to food problems. A team of Harve$t Project Advisors will help entrepreneurs access grants, loans, prizes or venture capital. The Harve$t Impact Fund will also provide non-repayable start-up capital to high-potential projects.

Through this expanded and connected local financial marketplace, we will ensure a variety of businesses are developed, social goals are supported (and measured) and success leads to further success. Ultimately, the Harve$t Impact Project will enable the long-term sustainability of Our Food Future by offering innovative projects clear paths to investment. To support future generations of circular food businesses, we envision that all ventures involved in Our Food Future will invest in the Harve$t Impact Fund, either through a percentage of sales or profits or an annual contribution, membership or donation.