Food Access

Increasing Access to Affordable, Nutritious Food

We’ve Got What It Takes

Working together and using use smart technology and big data, we will move from the current “take-make-dispose” model to a food system that better serves our people, our prosperity and our planet.

Increase access to affordable, nutritious, local food by 50% by 2025

We want to re-imagine a “smart” food system that better ensures food security and healthier outcomes—a system that is fair and respectful to all, better manages food resources to serve a diverse and vibrant community and celebrates the importance of good food in our everyday lives.

Our Projects

What else is happening in Guelph-Wellington?

  • University of Guelph Family Health Study: developing ways to help families maintain healthy behaviours
  • The Seed: delivering community programs and advocates to address the causes and effects of food insecurity; removing barriers to healthy food
  • Taste Real Local Food Map: allowing Guelph-Wellington residents to purchase locally-grown food and support community growers