New Business

Creating New Food Businesses and Collaborations

We’ve Got What It Takes

Working together and using use smart technology and big data, we will move from the current “take-make-dispose” model to a food system that better serves our people, our prosperity and our planet.

Create 50 new circular businesses and collaborations by 2025

We plan to bring together people of diverse expertise, talent and resources through face-to-face and online collaborations. Together, we’ll use data, technology and innovative thinking to solve food challenges and create new circular businesses, jobs and social enterprises. We’ll also create new training opportunities to prepare local residents to work in the new food economy.


What else is happening in Guelph-Wellington?

  • Urban farms: creating local, indoor, hydroponic vertical farming of fresh vegetables built on a sustainable business model
  • Oreka Solutions: converting underutilized waste into natural feed product for livestock