Governing a Digital Economy

As we build out a digital, circular economy based on agriculture and food security, we will also be building a mechanism to generate value through shared data resources that serve a shared interest.

Governing a Digital Circular Economy, is a concept paper that introduces Guelph-Wellington’s data governance priorities and plans, relating to the Smart Cities Challenge and the agri-food industry.

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Guelph: On the front lines of food security innovation

Guelph-Wellington’s circular food economy vision is 50x50x50 by 2025: increase access to affordable, nutritious food by 50%; create 50 new businesses and collaborations; and increase economic revenues by 50% by recognizing the value of “waste”.

Guelph-Wellington is already having an impact, thanks in large part to a not-for-profit program that’s pushing the boundaries of food security innovation: The SEED Guelph.

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