Elora Community Fridge Project

Debbie Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds • 1 June 2022
Geddes St. Market grocery store logo
Bungalow 55, a Citizen’s Group and the Elora Geddes Market would like to engage the larger community of Elora to create a Community Fridge Project. We are asking for $ 4,995 to launch this project.

The Geddes St. Market and Bungalow 55 are interested in creating an enclosed fridge and pantry space that will be community-owned and volunteer-run.

With help from local residents, we want to build a weatherproof, insulated wooden enclosure with a door that will house a refrigerator as well as a pantry for dry goods. The fridge and enclosure will be located directly behind the Geddes St. Market, adjacent to their back entrance, to ensure comfortable and easy access. 

This community fridge will increase access to nutritious foods for local residents experiencing varying levels of food insecurity, create donation opportunities for individuals, food producers and the Geddes St. Market, and ensure that donated food stays fresh. This project will reduce food waste, encourage a shared circular food system, and promote healthy eating in a safe and dignified way – usage can be anonymous with no requirement to register.

We were asking for a donation of $4,995 to purchase the fridge, offset lumber and contractor costs, create signage, and do electrical work to power the enclosure. We anticipate raising additional funds to meet costs and engage community help and volunteer labour.

The enclosure will also incorporate a bulletin board that will provide social services information.