Feeding the Soul Community Lunch Program, Elora Centre for the Arts

Debbie Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds • 1 June 2022
Feeding the Soul Community Lunch logo
The Feeding the Soul Community Lunch Program needs $5000 to provide nutritious lunches and community connection for residents of Centre Wellington.

Feeding the Soul Community Luncheon provides a free lunch twice a month at the Elora Centre for the Arts. The food is cooked in the kitchen at St. John's Anglican church in Elora. The aim of the luncheon is to provide healthy meals and social connection to local residents at a central public venue. People can enjoy a sit-down meal or take-out, and we also deliver to those who can’t attend in person. Lunches usually consist of main such as soup, vegetable casseroles, homemade pizza or pasta, salads, breads (often homemade) and a healthy dessert. All members of the community are welcome. We try to foster an environment where people feel secure, free to be themselves and comfortable meeting people. Food donations come from local citizens, local food producers and growers, and Elora’s Geddes St. Market grocery store, helping to reduce food waste.

While the program is run by volunteers, we require funding for the upcoming year to cover costs such as space rental, paying the cook a flat rate of $50 per luncheon, and food purchases to offset donations. We are therefore asking for a Spark Grant of $5000 to continue providing food to our community in 2023.