MealCare Guelph Community Fridge

mealcareguelph • 26 May 2022
Community Fridge on Campus
The above image is a picture of our community fridge on campus at the University of Guelph. We stock this fridge with fresh produce, snacks, and meals for peers on campus to tackle food insecurity.

We believe that access to healthy food is a human right – not a privilege. MealCare Guelph strives to create a more sustainable food system. We rescue edible, surplus "food waste" and donate it to community organizations that help feed the food insecure members of our community. Through our partnerships, we divert food away from the landfill, and use these donations to nourish our community. We also aim to provide access to healthy food while reducing the stigma surrounding food insecurity through our new Community Fridge Initiative. 

Receiving funding from a Spark Grant will allow us to expand our Community Fridge Initiative, and allow us to continue providing food insecure students with access to healthy food. We plan on increasing its sustainability by purchasing of a variety of consistent groceries that can be accessed. Additionally, an essential part of expanding MealCare and raising awareness about the food wastage on campus is to increase our grassroots engagement. We plan on using a part of the funding to create freely available and accessible educational material to explain the root causes and effects of food insecurity, create further awareness of our programs and work to expand our capacity as an organization physically