Carbon Conversations 



In the midst of COP27, global leaders and communities are drilling down on the major transformations needed to address the climate crisis. Carbon markets are making big headlines as part of the answer. Still confused about what exactly carbon markets are, let alone credits and offsets?  Listen into our Snack Bites segment to hear the brass tacks, need-to-knows.  And for our main course, Barb digs into the history and potential of the carbon market for meeting global climate targets with Aldyn Donnelly, a co-founder and Director, Carbon Economics, for Nori LLC.


HaileyHailey Keating – Guest Host with Barbara Swartzentruber

Hailey is a 17-year-old, grade 12 student at Centennial CVI in Guelph. During elementary school, her class learned about climate change and since then she has been trying her best to make an impact. As a passionate nature lover, Hailey hopes to become a marine biologist and plans to complete her scuba diving certification, but for now she dives in Tobermory and enjoys exploring locally.


AldyenAldyen Donnelly – Guest

Since 1989, Aldyen Donnelly has also been the President of WDA Consulting Inc., as well as leader of the consulting division of Medinet Health Systems Inc., both of Vancouver.  Aldyen was the founding and only President of the not-for-profit Greenhouse Emissions Management Consortium and for-profit Greenhouse Emissions Services Inc. Aldyen Donnelly is a co-founder and Director of Carbon Economics of Nori LLC of Seattle, a blockchain-based start-up with a mission to create a transparent, credible, and easy-to-use carbon removal marketplace.