In this episode, host Barb Swartzentruber explores how place-based, small and holistic changes in communities can build just, equitable and sustainable food systems, with her guest Philip Loring, Human Ecologist and Storyteller, and author of the award-winning book Finding our Niche: Toward a Restorative Human Ecology.

Bonus content! Snack bites with guest host River Kamin and guest Jordan Grigg, soil scientist, discuss how healing our relationship with the soil is imperative for restoring our food system.

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Philip Loring - Guest 
Philip is a human ecologist and storyteller, and has been working with communities for over 15 years to build food systems that are sustainable, equitable, and just. He currently holds the Arrell Chair in Food, Policy, and Society at the University of Guelph. His book, Finding Our Niche: Toward a Restorative Human Ecology, won multiple awards for non-fiction and environmental writing. He is also the host of the Second Transition, which explores opportunities for radical change in all aspects of our lives and society.

River Kamin - Guest Host of Snack Bites 
River is a graduate of the University of Guelph with a degree in Organic Agriculture. They are currently walking alongside the Indigenous Food Sovereignty Collective in Guelph as a settler on Anishinaabe land. 

Jordan Grigg - Guest of Snack Bites 
Jordan (she/her) is the Sustainability Programme Coordinator at the County of Wellington. She is also a graduate student in the Gillespie Lab at the University of Guelph researching microplastics from municipal compost and biosolids, and what happens once they enter agricultural soils.