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Goal: Create 50 new circular businesses and collaborations by 2025

Solutions happen faster through collaboration. That’s why we’re convening people with diverse expertise, talent and resources through face-to-face and online collaborations. Together, we’re using data, technology and innovative thinking to solve food system challenges and create new circular businesses, jobs and social enterprises. We’re also creating new training opportunities (particularly for women, youth and marginalized populations) to prepare local residents to work in the new food economy.

Pathfinder projects

  • Establishing a circular food economy innovation hub (CFE iHub) (#3

  • Coordinating a Harve$t Impact Fund funding and financing ecosystem to support circular enterprises (#4)

  • Fostering new food economy skills and training (#5)

Indicators of success


  • Percentage of enterprises to report increased capacity and technology use 
  • Percentage of enterprises to report change in practices that embed circular business models into operation 
  • Percentage of enterprises to improve revenue and yield social and environmental benefits
  • Percentage of enterprises to report growth (hiring, new products, new markets) 
  • Percentage of product processed that would have otherwise been wasted 
  • Percentage of youth employed


  • Number of start-ups, businesses and collaborations to embed circular business practices into operations

What else is happening in Guelph-Wellington?

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