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Goal: Increase access to affordable, nutritious, local food by 50% by 2025

We want to reimagine a “smart” food system that better ensures food security and healthier outcomes—a system that also recognizes equity and dignity for all, better manages food resources to serve a diverse and vibrant community and celebrates the importance of good food in our everyday lives.

Pathfinder projects

  • Assessing the Guelph-Wellington food environment (#1)
  • Creating a circular food security and health action plan (#2)

Indicators of success

To measure progress and success for the Nutritious Foods workstream, we’ve adopted a results-based accountability framework. This framework emphasizes three key aspects:

1. Results—What outcome do we want?

2. Experiences—If we achieved that outcome, what would we experience? What would it look like?

3. Indicators—What can we measure that will demonstrate that those experiences have been realized?

Results statement

Everyone in Guelph-Wellington has access to affordable nutritious foods


What else is happening in Guelph-Wellington?

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