Waste as a resource workstream

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Goal: Increase circular economic benefit by 50% by 2025 by unlocking the value of waste

Our vision is to reimagine, reuse and revalue the inputs and outputs of our food ecosystem—maximizing their use, eliminating waste, optimizing economic value and reducing negative environmental impacts.

Pathfinder projects

  • Developing and sharing circular business tools and services (#6)
  • Launching a “reimagine food” campaign (#7)
  • Increasing the circularity of carbon credits in the food system (#8)
  • Increasing circularity in municipal waste systems to drive innovation along the food value chain (#9)

Indicators of success


  • Percentage of stakeholders to report a reduction in food waste and associated cost savings
  • Percentage change in organic resource waste
  • Number of participants that engage in the carbon credit platform
  • Percentage of households to report a decrease in amount of food they waste 


  • Amount of economic value generated by social enterprises and businesses that are unlocking the value of waste, connecting to the 50x50x50 by 2025 impact goals 
  • Percentage change in economic value attributed to adoption of circular technologies and  practices across stakeholders
  • Amount of cost savings attributed to reduction of food waste across residences and businesses

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