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Data and technology strategy

By taking advantage of smart technology and big data throughout the agri-food system in Guelph-Wellington, we’re aiming to drive significant innovation—giving businesses, residents, social innovators and collaborators the tools required to collectively create Our Food Future.

To do that, we need to:

  1. Create access to high-speed broadband in rural areas across Wellington County, enabling residents, farms and other businesses to take advantage of smart technologies and big data.
  2. Facilitate communication between Our Food Future collaborators, including the businesses and residents that drive the movement.
  3. Create a platform for data-sharing, collaboration and innovation that will:
    - allow a broad range of stakeholders to identify problems and opportunities, see trends and measure progress,
    - help governments, agencies and non-profit organizations develop better policies and programs,
    - give entrepreneurs the insights they need to innovate circular food solutions, and
    - help companies optimize their processes.
  4. Establish a Data Utility to govern data sharing across a network of collaborators, ensuring we protect privacy and serve the public good.


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