Kitchen Table is a way for the Guelph-Wellington Community to provide real-time ideas and feedback on the circular food initiatives we're launching across the region. 

How to Respond to Challenges:

1 - Finding Our Challenges:

Find all of our challenges here. The most active, current challenges will be highlighted on our main landing page. 

2 - What Phase is the Challenge In?

Each challenge will go through a series of phases (e.g. preview, idea submission, evaluation, community voting, etc.). Depending on the challenge phase, you may or may not be able to submit a new idea or comment on the ideas of others. Be sure to check the "Phase Timeline" box on the left side of the challenge screen to understand the process for that challenge.

3 - Submitting an Idea

If a challenge is open for new ideas, click the "Create Idea" button on the upper-left of the challenge page. This will take you to a page where you can describe your idea and submit it. Add images, videos or other media that will help the community understand your idea. Please avoid using copyrighted images (find free images on Unsplash).  

When you're ready to submit, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen. You can still edit and revise your idea after it's submitted.  

4 - Collaborating with Others

If you're working with others on your idea, you can identify them as "Co-authors" giving them permission to edit the idea once it's posted. Your collaborators can also request to co-author an idea after it is posted. 

5 - Public Feedback and Voting

Some challenges invite the broader community for feedback on the ideas submitted in order to help decide which ones will be advanced. Feedback can include:

  • Comments or questions: if anyone comments on your idea you will get a notification so that you can review and respond to it

  • Upvoting: using the vertical arrow symbol beside the idea, users can help to move your great idea forward—be sure to ask your friends to give it their vote so the reviewers notice

6 - Suggesting New Challenges

Are you working on a food initiative that could benefit from community ideas or business solutions?

Let us know and we can discuss creating a custom challenge on Kitchen Table: email