To achieve Our Food Future goals, we’ve established nine Pathfinder projects grouped into three workstreams.

Workstream 1:
Nutritious foods
Workstream 2:
Circular businesses &
Workstream 3:
Waste as a resource

Goal: increase access to affordable, nutritious food by 50 per cent

Project 1: Assess the Guelph-Wellington food environment  

Project 2: Create a circular food security and health action plan 

Goal: create 50 new circular businesses and collaborations

Project 3: Establish a circular food economy innovation hub (iHub)

Project 4: Coordinate a Harve$t Impact Fund funding and financing ecosystem to support circular enterprises

Project 5: Foster new food economy skills and training

Goal: increase circular economic benefit by 50 per cent by unlocking the value of waste

Project 6: Develop and share circular business tools and services

Project 7: Launch a “reimagine food” campaign 

Project 8: Increase the circularity of carbon credits in the food system 

Project 9: Increase circularity in municipal waste systems to drive innovation along the food value chain 

These Pathfinder projects are supported by a data and technology strategy based on a Data Utility that provides secure, transparent access to data and technology that support inclusive and open innovation. Meanwhile, a comprehensive engagement strategy helps create a shared vision and ensure broad based buy-in from stakeholders and the community.

Meanwhile, several Living Lab projects touch on two or more workstreams.