Small business offers grass fed and finished pasture-raised meat while improving soil quality in their fields  


Tamaran Mousseau and her husband, Matt Mousseau started producing quality, pasture-raised beef for themselves as they were interested in knowing more about where their food was coming from. While hosting friends and family for dinner, they would continuously get asked the same question: “Where did this come from?”. The answer, of course was: “From out in the field!” From there, interest in their beef skyrocketed – even friends of friends were making orders. Realizing that they had the land and enough cattle to give the business a try, 4th Line Cattle Co. was born. Since then, they’ve received a great response from their community, with people appreciating the transparency of their practices and increasingly looking to support local farms.  

4th Line Cattle Co. had started the transition of rotational grazing when they found out about the Seeding Our Food Future (SOFF) program. They pride themselves in offering customers grass fed and finished beef; growing everything on farm without bringing in any outside sources of nutrition. However, they were continuously looking for ways to leave the soil better than they found it and knew that would require additional time and capital. With the support of SOFF, 4th Line Cattle Co. received the funding and resources to put in fencing and section off areas of the pasture, allowing them to do larger rotational grazing in 2020 – sooner than they ever thought possible. They were even able to plant a diverse array of grass species to give the ground more varied nutrients, while extending the pasture and improving feed quality. The benefits of these regenerative agricultural practices will be felt for years to come through healthier soil, more nutritious grass, healthier cattle, higher quality beef, and satisfied customers.  

At 4th Line Cattle Co., they believe circularity is about helping people understand where their food comes from; inspiring them to ask questions and open their eyes to the bigger picture of how everything is connected. As an active member in her community, Tamaran makes the effort to purchase from and support local businesses. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 4th Line Cattle Co. hosted a dinner event called Farm to Fork, serving only local food from within 30km of their location. Not only did this increase economic revenue for 4th Line Cattle Co., it also had a positive impact on all participating businesses and demonstrated to the community that there are many local food options right in their area. 4th Line Cattle Co. is a huge proponent of collaboration. Even now that in-person events are not possible, Tamaran and Matt continue to look for ways to collaborate with and support fellow local businesses while contributing to the circular food economy and fulfilling the Our Food Future vision.  


Photo courtesy of Tamaran Mousseau at 4th Line Cattle Co.