Local organic farm engages in partnerships to create value-added products  


Caitlin Hall started Reroot Organic Farm in 2007 as a student in Environment and Resource Studies. Inspired by the practical sustainable growing methods she was learning about, Caitlin was excited to get her hands dirty and put theory into practice. As a result of her studies, she continues to approach agriculture through an environmental sustainability perspective. Caitlin loves farming and is also greatly motivated by the community connections that the farm creates. She values getting to know customers and building relationships with the people who enjoy eating what Reroot Organic Farm produces.  

While looking for ways to extend the farm’s offerings beyond growing organic vegetables and producing pasture raised meats, Caitlin came across the Seeding Our Food Future (SOFF) program. The grant money and resources have allowed Reroot Organic Farm to partner with other businesses to create value-added products and offer these products to the broader community. Excess produce from Reroot Organic Farm is now turned into a fermented product that has a longer shelf-life and a multitude of health benefits through a partnership with Funky Ferments. They have also partnered with social franchise, Raw Carrot to produce two custom gourmet soups: a carrot soup and a chicken noodle soup using produce and chicken from Reroot. To further provide healthy food to their community, Reroot Organic Farm donates a portion of the gourmet frozen soups to their local food bank. Caitlin loves to collaborate and is looking forward to working with other like-minded businesses in the future. 

For Reroot Organic Farm, circularity means sustainability, resilience, and collaboration. It is an approach towards having a more resilient food system through sustainable practices while working with community partners to build a local food economy that is multifaceted, supports small businesses, and works together to amplify everyone’s strengths. Given that adopting sustainable farming practices were what inspired Caitlin to start the farm, she has always tried to find new uses for things that would otherwise be considered “waste” products. The SOFF program has encouraged her to think even further outside the box, and she is looking for other avenues to create circular food collaborations. Reroot Organic Farm hopes to encourage people to learn the journey of their food and have them connect with the farm on a deeper level. By collaborating with other food businesses, unlocking the value of waste, and increasing access to nutritious food, Reroot Organic Farm is making incredible progress to the fulfillment of the Our Food Future goals.  

Learn more about Reroot Organic Farm and their innovative products at https://www.reroot.ca/ 


Photo by ShireShy on Pixabay.