Local tourism business brings awareness to the Circular Food Economy in Guelph-Wellington by highlighting regenerative agriculture farms and the restaurants who support them

Lynn Broughton has always been a foodie at heart. Growing up in a family that traveled the world, she was involved with the hospitality industry from a young age. Having spent a considerable time working with the community, Lynn also developed a passion for helping small local businesses and making connections between food and people. In 2015, she started Taste Detours in Guelph. Its mission is to support heritage and urban city building, and to make connections between consumers, restaurants, and farms. Two summers ago, Lynn expanded her tours to Elora. She plans to gradually include more areas throughout Wellington County. Recently, the difficulties of navigating the tourism industry during the pandemic forced Lynn to develop a more creative way of offering tours.

When Lynn heard of Seeding Our Food Future (SOFF), she knew that it was the perfect opportunity to bring her tours online. As part of the SOFF program, Lynn participated in the R-Purpose MICRO course offered by Provision Coalition. This course enabled Lynn to dig deep and determine her business’ purpose: “Feeding Curiosity”. Lynn's project for SOFF is to create two new culinary experiences that will showcase circular food collaborations within Wellington County. One tour focuses on businesses and farmers that practice regenerative farming. It will connect what they grow with the restaurants they serve. These tours will initially be offered online and include a food delivery component. The idea is for people to learn about where the food they are eating comes from, without leaving the comfort of their home. Lynn has always been interested in the imbalances in the global food system, and often wondered why we couldn’t redistribute the products and resources we already have to those who need them. It was this philosophy that encouraged Lynn to highlight local businesses who prioritize their environmental impact.

For Lynn, circularity is about supporting the community. It is about collaborating with partners for the betterment of the community, region, and each other. Taste Detours celebrates circularity by sharing knowledge, honouring the people and places involved, and thanking the land for providing us food. During her tours, Lynn tries to give attention to food insecurity and climate change and how it impacts our resources (e.g. soil degradation) to show how intrinsically interconnected these issues are. The connection between land, food, and people is at the heart of Taste Detours.


Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash