Hello all, we are pleased to share the following from Ward 1 Brewing Co.:
It's about time we gave a huge shout out and big thank you to Our Food Future , CFE iHub, and Innovation Guelph for the amazing #SeedingOurFuture , #OurFoodFuture , #CircularFoodEconomy project. Ourselves as well as several other local businesses have been given a grant to aid us in establishing a solid circular business around our local food. With many collaborations available we are very excited for this opportunity! Our focus will be on not dumping our used beer water and instead utilizing this to grow produce both outdoor and indoors to supply our kitchen as well as give us the chance to donate some of this fresh nutrient dense produce back to those in need.
Last year we were able to donate 100's of veggies seedling as well as many more seeds to be started. We are excited to continue this and see how far we can take it.
Definitely hoping for a full size greenhouse one day soon so we can really kick things up.
Lots more posts coming regarding this amazing project!!
Thank you all so much for your continued support and patience. Construction is going very well and we will add some more pics soon. So many people to thank!!
Thanks so much,
Ian Leis



Kitchen Table Post Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels