R-Purpose Micro - Circular Economy Training for Small Businesses

David Messer
David Messer Guelph Smart City Office

Resiliency through Purpose for small food and beverage companies

An intensive 12-week high-impact program to help micro-sized companies accelerate their growth and build resiliency through purpose, sustainability and circularity

Small food and beverage production and processing companies like yours are the future of a sustainable, circular and resilient Canadian food system.

R-Purpose MICRO (Resiliency through Purpose) offers a unique combination of training, mentorship and practical tools to help you build a future-proof strategy for your food/beverage business.

We understand the challenges you are facing as you grow your business, and we also know how little time you have as an entrepreneur.

That is why R-Purpose MICRO is designed specifically for founders and leaders of micro-sized companies with fewer than 5 employees.

It will empower you to:

  • Accelerate your growth through purpose
  • Tell your story so people listen
  • Differentiate yourself through your real value proposition
  • Embed sustainability into the heart of your business model 
  • Develop a plan to become a circular business
  • Reduce the anxiety of running a business through simple financial modelling
  • Powerfully pitch your company

The most successful and disruptive start-up food and beverage companies are driven by purpose, sustainability and circularity. That’s the core of what you will learn in this program!

How can you be a part of R-Purpose MICRO?

The R-Purpose MICRO Winter cohort begins January 15, 2021. Thanks to Our Food Future, Guelph-Wellington’s ambitious initiative to create Canada’s first circular food economy, R-Purpose MICRO costs only $1,995 and will be offered complementary for up to 50 small food and beverage businesses based in Guelph-Wellington.

There are limited spots and demand will be high. If you are located in Guelph-Wellington, use the code “SeedingOurFuture” to reserve your place free of charge.

Register today!