Re(PURPOSE): circular food experience

Alison Springate
Alison Springate Guelph Smart City Office

Starting Thursday, October 15, the first circular meal in North America will be served in Guelph—a gourmet restaurant meal created entirely from waste!

We know that 40 per cent of everything we grow and produce gets thrown away. Under the leadership of Provision Coalition, Our Food Future collaborators across Guelph-Wellington are working to change that. They’ve asked themselves, “could we make food from waste?”

The answer is yes. And while it may sound gross, it’s really not.

It all starts with beer. The final result: a hot smoked steelhead trout on a sourdough with potato chips and a pint of beer. 

You are invited to join us for the virtual launch of Re(PURPOSE): A circular food experience.


Re(PURPOSE) is powered by Provision Coalition and features the following companies:

Creative for Re(Purpose) launch has been provided by Sherpa Creative.

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