Delivery Cooperative for Guelph & Wellington County

David Messer Guelph Smart City Office • 16 November 2020
Creation of a cooperative delivery network for producers and consumers in Wellington County.

Project Idea

In 2016 Wellington County reported that just over 15% of farms sold direct to consumers. The onset of COVID-19 required farmers to increase direct to consumer sales. Consumers responded with increased interest in supporting local food and knowing where it comes from. Delivery remains a challenge, due to high overhead but has come to be expected. We are proposing 5 or more producers of Wellington County create a not-for-profit delivery co-op. We will divide the County into zones, assign a weekly delivery day, and consumers purchase through existing sales channels. Keeping farmer-to-consumer relations intact, consumers pay a flat weekly delivery fee for all purchases. Our project creates a network of local food that is accessible and reduces food waste as weekly delivery prevents the need to stock up. There is an opportunity to involve local food banks by offering delivery and encouraging members to utilize the Tax Credit for Farmers Who Donate to increase access to local food for all.


delivery model