Increase access to healthy local food by expanding small plot peri-urban agriculture & local fruit production.
  • install water lines to underutilized fields to expand Farm's leasing capacity by 100 new irrigable small-acreage plots
  • hire orchardist educator
  • continue permaculture design of Ignatius orchard
  • scale out orchard as community hands-on teaching & support hub for aspiring orchardists, backyard fruit growers & already-mobilized community garden & food security networks.


  • improve our regional resilience by increasing new farmers’ access to productive land through expanding our capacity to rent small acreages.
  • increase local food production and contribute to regional food security.

Our 2020 survey of our 200 community gardeners (> 50% response rate) indicates up to 17% use their garden produce to avoid relying on local food banks & another 30% donated surplus produce to neighbourhood food pantries.