Imagine a food network in every neighbourhood, one that encourages self-sufficiency, urban agriculture and waste reduction.

We propose a complete online marketplace for small-scale, locally made items that would allow our community to become more food-secure, socially connected, and resilient to change. Our platform has 3 components. The 1st would allow neighbours to buy, sell, trade, or donate produce and other goods. The 2nd would support gardeners and producers by coordinating resources such as soil, compost, and tools; skills including labour and landscaping; and available land. The 3rd would be a community connections hub in which ideas are shared. This platform would be specific to each neighbourhood, but the technology would be transferable to different regions, highlighting the micro resiliency and community capacity of the area. This platform could be fundamental to enabling a technology enabled circular food economy, which connects people to food, ideas, and each other.