Wellington Bounty

David Messer Guelph Smart City Office • 16 November 2020
Wellington Bounty Farmers Co-operative would be the creation of a platform to support small, ecological growers from across our region by developing a collective marketing strategy.

Farmer-members would be part owners of the co-operative and therefore have collective decision making power.
Farmers who do not already have markets in Guelph and surrounding area would have the opportunity to showcase some of their products in this community and to develop a new revenue stream.

The benefit to consumers would be easier access to some of the best foods grown and prepared in our region, without having to go out of their way to source it. It will be a great demonstration to the public of what can be grown in our region throughout the year and what can be achieved by collaboration!

As the co-operative grows there will be employment opportunities for people in admin, sales and distribution as well.

I see this project as a big win-win for farmers, consumers and the community!


Cooperative Members

This project is to create a co-operative of small, local, ecological farms and combine their products as a way to demonstrate what is possible to grow in our region all year round. The co-op would be run democratically and would give a voice to all of the producers involved. The co-op would then purchase the products from each producer and sell it on behalf of the farmer members. The co-op would serve the farmers who are already stretched to their capacity in terms of marketing their own products by giving them access to an amazing market share in Guelph. The co-op would serve consumers by giving them easier access to the best food grown in our region in one convenient shopping location.



The main hub for packing/distribution would be at Zocalo Organics, 5881 Third Line, Hillsburgh. Sales outlets at Guelph Farmers Market and Home deliveries.