Community spirit through community gardens

David Messer Guelph Smart City Office • 24 November 2020
Increase capacity and communication and community building at 2 community gardens.

Two Rivers Neighbourhood Group has two community gardens (Huron St garden and Lyon Park garden). We would like to increase our local food security by offering more raised beds for community members to grow food at both gardens.

We would also like to build a message board at the Huron St garden. This would allow us to promote garden events, share gardening tips, have gardeners leave messages for each other and help create a sense of community.

We would like to have a basket on the message board where gardeners can leave excess produce for those who could use a little more. This project will increase fresh food access to more community members and increase community resilience. The message board will increase communication within the garden as well as between gardeners and the community.

We also hope that the basket for vegetable sharing will help get extra produce out to the immediate neighbourhood members which will also increase food access as well as community resilience.