Build functional composters using recycled materials in local community gardens

Most public composters within the City of Guelph attached to urban gardens, are not used properly.

The standard black plastic models cost ~$100 & tend to be filled with non-decomposing twigs and garbage. Even where better wooden slat structures have been built which could enable growers to easily rotate the bins and have a steady supply of compost, we often observe these overflowing with garden debris. Nobody is able to get any compost out of these.

Our project would design & implement a basic composting system appropriate for urban community gardens. We would make use of discarded pallets; we would assemble them on each of the City’s community gardens currently under cultivation; we would create and put in place very clear easy-to-follow signage that instructs about proper composting; we would source and organize collection of useful compost “ingredients” from local small businesses; we would give workshops at each of the City’s community gardens to folks who are renting plots.


This project is a sub-initiative of the "Food from Home = Food for Home" project, a 3-year initiative supported by the City of Guelph's "Our Food Future" programme, which integrates newcomers into urban food-growing and increases the amount of culturally-significant fresh food grown within the City.