Goldie Park Community Garden Rainwater Harvesting Bench Project

David Messer Guelph Smart City Office • 24 November 2020
Install rainwater harvesting benches at Goldie Park community garden.

The Rainwater Harvesting Benches would serve several purposes:

1) Having water onsite would allow us to attract more gardeners, expand the garden area and increase food production. This would contribute to local food security of families in our neighbourhood. In addition, portions of food produced would be donated to local food security organizations, as done in other community gardens, to support local food access and security. The Goldie Garden is also home to a pollinator patch and with water this too could be enhanced and contribute to the overall health of our park ecosystem.

2) The project would increase community engagement (e.g. local school), providing meeting space and increasing potential activities.

3) Community gardens give people agency and provide access to not only food but connections, the benefits of being outdoors and physical activity. Access to water through the Rainwater Harvesting Bench would open the doors too many other possibilities in our garden.

The team responsible for this project are the Goldie Park Community Garden Coordinator and volunteers and Junction Neighbourhood Group (JNG) leadership team members.

Several garden volunteers are skilled tradespeople and carpenters and have the knowledge to build the Rainwater Harvesting Bench, these skilled volunteers will lead up the construction phase of the project.