The Lofts at 40 Rooftop Community Garden

David Messer Guelph Smart City Office • 24 November 2020
Build a rooftop community garden at Lofts at 40 in downtown Guelph

On a small condo building’s roof, in the shadow of the Church of our Lady, a community garden would provide fresh vegetables & herbs to our 30 residents.

Our project starts with preparing the space by updating the roof deck & expanding the rainwater capture system, & then proceeds to be grow-ready by installing planters & a pergola for vines. We will then expand on our past small scale gardening experience to using all the available 200m2 of space to grow fresh produce.

Revitalizing our under-utilized space is planning for the future of our community by pursuing environmental, sustainable & communal solutions. Gardening provides both physical & mental exercise & is an accessible activity for our residents, who the majority are retirees, as well as learning/sensory experiences for our youngest residents. By creating this purposeful, shared space, our resiliency has increased drastically through the collaborative & cooperative approach to growing fresh, nutrient rich & local food.