Sprout Scouts Community Engagement Initiative

David Messer Guelph Smart City Office • 24 November 2020
Increase accessibility and expand raised beds at Burns Drive Park Community Garden

Burns Drive Park Community Garden experienced our first year during a global pandemic and already we’ve brought the joy of gardening to more than 50 volunteers of all ages- growing almost 800lbs of food for families in a high needs area, supporting pollinators, and diverting compostable waste.

We propose to increase the physical accessibility of the garden; building raised beds, improving gates, and widening pathways.

We will increase the number of community members involved by holding regular instructional work-times with hands-on educational activities. Members will be able to learn basic gardening techniques while taking home fresh produce and growing food for families in need.

Funds will be used to purchase sprouting equipment, drip tape, a micro-greens growing table, small low tunnels, trellising, seeds, fruit bearing vines, and seedlings. We plan to maximize our growing space through planting edible vines on trellises, and terracing our slope with raised beds.