Village by the Arboretum Herb Garden

David Messer Guelph Smart City Office • 24 November 2020
Expand herb gardens providing residents with culinary and medicinal herbs and edible flowers.


The Village by the Arboretum is a retirement community located in Guelph. With approximately 1000 residents it is a self-contained Community within the City.

In 2016 a community Herb Garden was established for the purpose of providing Villagers with a wide variety of culinary and medicinal herbs and edible flowers. The Garden consists of 5 raised beds, 11 barrels and two garden beds that border the Village Center. The Herb Garden Activity Group consists of approximately 40 individuals. The maintenance of the Garden is accomplished by seven two person teams. In response to Covid-19 each team is responsible for a section of the garden on a specific day.

The project involves four initiatives:

1. Adding an additional raised bed to provide more depth and variety.

2. Adding raised bed garden trellises to accommodate vertical growth.

3. Enriching the soil conditions in all beds.

4. Installing a drip irrigation system.