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David Messer Guelph Smart City Office • 16 November 2020
Shelldale Farm Park

Shelldale Farm Park is an innovative urban agriculture project located at Shelldale Community Centre in the Onward Willow neighbourhood of Guelph.


Grow fresh crops using productive and simple technology, equipment, and systems, while achieving the highest possible crop yields per square meter.

Engage and support low-income community members to:
- grow and prepare the crops above, and distribute the food to other low-income community members

Build community resilience and food security by:
- putting community members at the centre of everything we do
- measuring the impact that we have on food insecurity
- monitoring and improving everything we do at the Farm Park

The Farm Park facilities will include:
- Four-season commercial greenhouse
- Outdoor raised beds and micro-fields
- Year-round hydroponic growing container
- Rooftop apiary
- Green wall
- Food forest
- Community Kitchen
- Outdoor pavilion

Community Impact:

Shelldale Farm Park matters because it will:

Enhance Guelph-Wellington’s capacity to:

  • produce more food utilizing best practices in urban agriculture
  • build a community food system where we source our food from an intelligent mix of sources - urban-local, rural-local, and imported

Enhance the capacity of individual community members to:

  • access productive food-growing spaces
  • learn from other community members and share their food skills with others ( mentoring, formal and informal workshops)
  • grow food in a way that reduces food insecurity for themselves and others
  • contribute to community-wide change that leads to food security

Measurable Benefits:

  • Total value of crops grown each year by Farm Park participants for food-insecure community members: $130,000 Shelldale Farm Park, $10,000 Guelph Youth Farm, $50,000 Everdale Farm.
  • Community engagement – people/year: 450 food-growing, 1,200 other Farm Park programs, 4,000 receiving food grown at the Farm Park.