Royal City Mission Community Grows

David Messer Guelph Smart City Office • 16 November 2020
Create a hydroponic growing system at Royal City Mission (50 Quebec St.) to support RCM food relief programs.

Project Idea

GR365N is partnering with Royal City Mission (RCM), Battlefield Equipment Rentals Guelph and Guelph Solar to build a vertical hydroponic system that will help meet the needs of the meal programs being offered at RCM.

This project will be the creation of a hydroponic system that will cover the RCM upper balcony walls in it's sanctuary. The size of the system will be two walls-each wall will 6,-10" tall and 70' long. RCM currently serves 200 plates of food daily from it's lunch and supper programs, this is forecasted to increase as the Drop In Centre shifts from meal programs to focus on housing.

Depending on the type of produce RCM wants to grow, forecasts are 10,000-16,000 heads of lettuce per year, or 4000-8000 lbs. of kale per year, or a combination of these and herbs (basil, mint cilantro, etc.) this is estimated at a monetary value $30,000-50,000 dollars per year (depending on efficiency of the team running the system). Operating costs are approximately 30% of total yield revenue.

Through this initiative there will be a reduction in barriers for marginalized or working poor individuals to access healthy nutritious food in a place they already trust. There will be training and employment opportunities specific to hydroponic farming providing another lens in which to offer support.

Through this knowledge transfer and training there will be a long term positive impact in providing opportunities to reduce malnutrition and increase immune response as a result of fresh food. This hydroponic system will bring community together to help support RCM and the vital services provided.


RCM is located in a stone church at 50 Quebec Street. This is the proposed location for the project. This system will be two walls and will be installed on the two of the upper balconies of the church Sanctuary, this system will generate 30,000-50,000.00 worth of leafy greens and herbs and cost approximately 15,000.00 a year to operate.

GR365N systems can be grown in any place at any time. Our project is a self-contained agriculture system where problems like excess moisture/humidity are taken out of the air and put back into the water reservoir. HEPA filters will address air quality issues and fans will help air movement. Since it's a contained system, no affluent is discharged to city sewers and no air is exhausted. There will be no water run offs of waste water. The RCM facility already has a fresh supply of water and large windows that help optimize lighting conditions to enhance and use the principles of mother nature to help create an optimal growing environment.