Fewer raw materials are used

fewer raw materials are used


Design: Products and packaging are designed to last longer and be more durable, using more sustainable materials that can be easily recycled at end-of-life.

Produce: Businesses collaborate and coordinate across sectors to reduce greenhouse gas products and fossil fuel used.

Distribute: Retailers offer products that can be easily reused and refurbished, offer end-of-life take back or maintenance and repair services, and support producers in providing education and awareness to consumers.

Consumer Use: There are many ways consumers can contribute to a circular economy, like making greener buying choices, sharing assets (e.g., cards, tools) and repairing or offering them to others for reuse and refurbishing

Repair/Reuse: Producers are fully responsible for recovering materials from their products and packaging throughout their lifecycle

Recycle: Improved, cost-efficient collection and treatment systems will lead to fewer and fewer materials ending up in landfill and support the economics of circular design