Looking Ahead

Looking ahead – the stage is set

The stage is set for a more circular future

Our Food Future has created significant impacts in Guelph-Wellington since our launch in 2020, despite the considerable challenges created by COVID-19. 

We’ve diverted thousands of tonnes of food waste from landfills. We’ve established collaborations with businesses to improve the circularity of supply chains. We’ve helped more farmers adopt regenerative practices. And we’ve prepared and delivered more than 60,000 meals to families in need.

Most importantly, we’ve laid the groundwork to deliver more programs and deeper impacts moving forward. Our growing collection of data is giving us new insights into issues and opportunities. Our pilot projects are showing what works and what doesn’t. And our refreshed model for success puts Guelph-Wellington in an even stronger position to create a circular food economy that can serve as an example for the world.

COIL takes that even further, broadening our focus into packaging, emissions, and other environmental issues, and expanding our geographic focus.

In 2022, watch for us to be launching our Reimagine Food engagement campaign and motivations survey, as well as implementing food access projects from the Food Environment Assessment. In the County, we will be furthering our work in regenerative agriculture and exploring the carbon credit market for farmers. Our Material Flow Study is evolving into a Zero Waste Economic Transformation Lab that COIL will be launching soon. And much more.

Together with partners from every sector, we’re driving the kind of transformative changes that allow community members, businesses and the planet to thrive. 

But we’re just getting started. Take a seat at the table. Join the conversation and help us unlock even more opportunities for circularity in our food system and our regional economy. 


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