Spark Grant Round 2 Announcement

Spark Grant Challenge

Step 2: Short-list

Outcome #1: Short-listed to Step 2


  • 13-16 short-listed ideas (from 32 submissions)
  • Click on links for full descriptions, if you don’t already have a Kitchen Table account, you will have to sign up
  1. Co-Apply: Make Campus a Hub for Local Food Initiatives and Subsidized Produce Shares for University Students and MealCare Guelph Community Fridge  
  2. Co-Apply: Increased Food Access (Parkwood Gardens Neighbourhood Group) and Community Food Hub Expansion   
  3. Grassroots Collaboration from Seeds to Plate in the Town of Erin
  4. Culturally sensitive foods, grains and spices
  5. Collective Purchasing and Local Food Procurement
  6. Growing Potential
  8. Walking Together to Glean and Forage
  9. Don’t Just Take, Take CARE: Wild Foraging in Right Relationship
  10. Grandgarden Cooperative
  11. Community Builders-Lunch & Learn
  12. Wellington North-Growing Healthy Rural Communities
  13. Kitchen Transformation Demonstration



Outcome #2: Apply for Community Ag Grant available summer 2022 ($2k each)

  1. Guelph Campus Co-op Student Garden Club
  2. Handing Off: Knowledge Transfer & Documentation within the (FFH)2 project
  3. GardenGreen
  4. Seedling Kits for Kids
  5. Food Carbon Footprint, Mental health: Prospect of Adoptable Smart Urban Agriculture (ASUA)
  6. Sustainable food system
  7. Food Forest Centre Wellington Spark Grant Application


Outcome #3: Potential COIL (Circular Opportunities Innovation Lab) idea

  1. Waste Conscious Market
  2. A Shift to Sustainability in our Manufacturing Process


Outcome #4: Watch for funding opportunities in the fall

  1. Community Fewd Cookbook  
  2. Elora Community Fridge Project
  3. Feeding the Soul Community Lunch Program, Elora Centre for the Arts
  4. Educating educators
  5. Around the Wyndham House Kitchen Table
  6. Creating Local Food Connections for High School Students