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Our community: Guelph-Wellington

The Food Community of the Future

An increasing population means a growing need to produce affordable, healthy and sustainable food. For more than a century, the City of Guelph and Wellington County have been at the forefront of designing solutions to address food issues. Our location in the heart of Ontario’s innovation Corridor means we are perfectly positioned to be a hub of food innovation and environmental sustainability that addresses food issues here and around the world.

The City of Guelph and Wellington County are home to:

  • 1,600+ food businesses and entrepreneurs
  • 40+ research institutes and centres
  • a vibrant and engaged local food community

The collaborative work of our community leaders in the agri-tech, food science and agriculture sectors is helping us all to live sustainable, healthier lives:

  • increasing access to affordable and nutritious local food (e.g. the University of Guelph’s Family Health study helps families maintain healthy behaviours, and The Seed, an organization whose work removes barriers to accessing healthy food)
  • reducing or transforming food waste (e.g. the Provision Coalition which helps food and beverage manufacturers increase efficiencies and minimize food waste)
  • creating new food-related jobs and businesses (e.g. Oreka Solutions, a company that converts underutilized waste into natural feed product for livestock)