Circular Economy iHub Digital Passport

Welcome to the circular economy digital passport! This is your passport to a vibrant digital community of businesses, researchers, social innovators, not-for-profits, entrepreneurs, industry associations, and community members that are co-creating innovative solutions in support of a circular economy. The digital passport will help your business develop circular business models, technologies, products, or services that design waste out of our local economy, reduce emissions, and regenerate natural systems. Participating businesses will have exclusive access to the knowledge, services, and connections needed to achieve lasting change within our community.   

Embedded within Guelph-Wellington’s circular economy urban-rural living lab and testbed, the Circular Economy iHub (CE iHub) enables collaborators to focus, experiment, and test with reduced risk. CE iHub activities leverage the economic, environmental, and social value of innovations in our community and beyond. We further facilitate communication and collaboration across many interconnected projects and opportunities that uphold circular principles. Our CE iHub Connectors help you make the most of this vibrant network by expertly curating the links that best serve your business’ unique needs and potential.

You can create a more sustainable future for your business, our community, and beyond! Join the circular economy digital passport community to begin or continue your business’ circular transformation!  

By joining the digital passport, you will: 

  • Join a diverse community of businesses committed to building a sustainable circular economy of the future 
  • Receive one-on-one guidance for how your business can innovate to reduce waste and embed circular approaches into your business plan 
  • Connect with local collaborators and/or business partners  
  • Participate in exclusive programs and services that will help you learn about circular business models and supply chains to transform your own operations 
  • Use digital passport stamps to share your business’ circular achievements across your network 
  • Celebrate with the broader community what your business is doing to operate more sustainably 
  • Be among the first to hear about calls for funding and demonstration projects from Our Food Future partners and other sustainable circular business organizations. 
  •  And much more!  

To learn more about how to use this website, you can check out our how-to page.

Join our Circular Economy Digital Passport community!  

To get started, please complete your digital passport. A CE iHub Connector will be in touch to develop a plan for achieving your business’ circular goals.  


We’re here to help your business become more circular. Whatever your circular goals may be, our CE iHub Connectors will help you make the most of our vibrant network by expertly curating the links that best serve your business’ unique needs and potential.