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In Conversation with Our Food Future

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In Conversation with Our Food Future host: 
Barbara Swartzentruber 

Join us as we talk about all things related to the creation of Canada's first circular food economy.

We’ll probe projects and policies, share the stories behind our work, discuss emerging ideas in the food sector, and introduce you to the people who are working to take our community's vision from theory to action.

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Episode 9: Biomimicry as part of a circular food system

Jamie Miller

Jamie Miller, President at Biomimicry Frontiers





Episode 8: Becoming a circular food business


Episode 7: Circularity and the next generation


Episode 6: Growing the circular food economy with business supports 

Episode 5: Wellington County's perspective on sustainable agriculture practices 

Episode 4: Mapping waste and loss across the regional food system

Episode 3: Business and collaboration in the Circular Economy


Episode 2: Food insecurity and the impact of COVID-19

Episode 1: Our Food Future and the circular economy

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