Abel Page posted in Town Square

Hi Everyone, my name is Abel Page. I am the founder of Esper’Ance in Action, a validation stage venture (status TBD - not-for-profit social enterprise or Co-operative). I have worked in sustainability and social impact for more than 12 years in various sectors and am living in rural Erin, since 2019.

Esper’Ance in Action aims to become a hub / one-stop shop for sustainability and climate action in Wellington County, creating a compassionate and nurturing community where individuals & institutions are empowered to tackle these issues while unlocking the full value of sustainable solutions.

In addition to the various offerings I am progressively building, I am aiming to create a network of alternatives that are accessible to all in the county, especially in rural areas and co-create a model to amplify change and leverage impact. This network will join resources, amplify best practices and leverage impact to tackle climate change and support the transition to a more sustainable, resilient Wellington County.

If you are interested in joining forces to tackle climate change (through advocacy, events, joint publications or else) I’d love to hear from you!

If you’d like to learn more about Esper’Ance in Action, you can check the website (www.esperanceinaction.com) or our Instagram & Facebook @esperanceinaction

I am looking forward to pursuing the discussions.