Harvesting Collaborations

Paige Proulx Innovation Guelph • 28 October 2020

Harvesting Collaborations

The CFE iHub held its first networking session with Seeding Our Food Future participants on Thursday, October 22nd. There was a great turn out and many interesting connections were developed. The program was well represented and many stakeholders, from farmers to ag-tech companies, participated and contributed to conversations focused on circularity and sustainability.

Each organization had the opportunity to describe the project they are working on in Seeding Our Food Future and why it excites them. After learning about the different projects, participants moved to smaller rotating breakout groups to have more intimate discussions.

A key topic of interest was how to better collaborate with one another and promote each other’s businesses. This developed from discussions focused on COVID-19 and how businesses have been impacted. It was agreed, if more businesses collaborated and shared resources, it would be easier to address the impacts of COVID-19.

The CFE iHub helped facilitate 6 collaborations from the session. Many of these potential collaborations would take place online and might include promoting one another, featuring products and services, and sharing expertise.


If you have ideas about how food system businesses can better work together and/or contribute to a circular food economy, please post them in the comments below or in the Circular Business Work Stream.