Patches - how to connect around food in your neighbhourhood

Jamie Miller • 17 December 2020

Hey everyone, in the Junction Neighbourhood we have created a food network (Junction Food Network) and have been exploring creative ways to connect around food. One way is through the seed voyage app ( which allows you to buy or share the backyard bounty that's grown in your area. We are also exploring a map, which will identify who grows what, and where, to allow us to build more resilient food systems.

As a part of our research, our team at Biomimicry Frontiers has put together a report on some of the things we've found when using the app and building the food network. We would love any ideas for how we could best support community around food and are looking for your ideas. If you have creative suggestions about the map, the app, or just ways to connect around food in general, please let us know in this chat.


And if you would like any more information, reach out to us at