The SEEDxEverdale partnership

Alison Springate Guelph Smart City Office • 2 March 2019

During our workstream meetings, we receive input from and collaborate with organizations and individuals on how to meet our Smart Cities Goals. During a workstream reflection, one of our workstream organization members, The SEED, writes about an exciting collaboration underway:

“Because of the Circular Food Economy Project the SEED is partnering with Everdale to launch the “Good Food Project” in 2019:

  • Everdale is growing 2 acres of fresh food for the SEED
  • With corporate partners this food will be given free or almost free to the SEED
  • The food will be distributed through the SEED’s social enterprises:
    • Community Food Markets
    • Garden Fresh Box
    • Pod Fresh Food Warehouse”

What an amazing opportunity to increase access to nutritious and local food!