Tyler’s story

Alison Springate Guelph Smart City Office • 25 February 2019

During our workstream meetings, we receive input from and collaborate with organizations and individuals on how to meet our Smart Cities Goals. In a written reflection, one of our workstream members, Tyler Whale, shared the following story about his family’s relationship with the concept of a circular food economy:

“For generations, my family farm has invested in improving their land. Maintaining forests, being efficient with inputs (near ‘organic’ farm) planting tree lines to prevent erosion, etc.. Recently, they invested in an Anaerobic Digester that can create enough power for 7 farms their size. My brother also created a cooperative (Cornerstone Renewables Inc.) of AD operators to better capture organic waste and maximize efficiency. This resulted in their processing 25% of the province’s 1 million tons diverted. I believe Ontario produces 5 million tons of organic waste… so a long way to go. The result is clean energy, vastly improved fertilizer resources, effective waste diversion, profit generation, etc.”

Thanks, Tyler!