Climate change is such a big, hairy issue, and I’ll be honest, it is really easy to get overwhelmed and desperate.

The City of Guelph recently released the 2020 Annual Environmental Sustainability Report. This report tracks the City’s progress towards environmental targets and highlights the many actions that are being taken, like:

  • developing the circular food economy
  • conserving energy
  • reducing GHG emissions
  • increasing the tree canopy
  • moving people and goods more sustainably
  • reducing waste
  • conserving water
  • strengthening biodiversity, and
  • keeping waterways clean and healthy.

What I take from this report is that work is being done to move us in the right direction and there is diversity in that work. The City is looking at the big and small things, and looking across the City to ensure departments, sectors and disciplines are working to combat climate change.

I understand that at home some of the ‘big’ things are out of our reach—how many of us can pilot electric bus chargers—but we can still make changes to help combat climate change. One thing I do is really try to not waste food. A common thing for me is having fruits, especially bananas, get too ripe before I can get at them. So instead of tossing them, I freeze them and use them to make yummy banana breads on weekends. I grew up in the restaurant business, and food waste was a big no-no! What are some things you do or could do at home? Let’s get some ideas flowing to help each other out.