Curriculum Connected Learning

Our Food Future worked with educators at Centre Wellington Distict High School  and John Galt Public School’s “Seeds to Connect” program to support existing sustainable circular food activities and pilot a circular food system challenge for both elementary and high school classrooms (schools, clubs, etc) in 2023.


2022 Classroom Challenge:  John Galt PS

In May, 2022, Our Food Future challenged John Galt PS students to create a place-based circular food guide that links gardening and composting to the circular food system.

Our Food Future provided $500 to support project materials and also visited classrooms to lead discussions in both the Kindergarten and Grade 8 classes on circular food systems and the circular economy.  

At John Galt, Kindergarten students learned about food waste and created a Food Waste pledge. They also learned about vermicomposting and created a printed how-to Vermicompost in the classroom guide.  Grade 8 students expanded on circular food programs started at their school this year which included a hydroponic tower garden donated by Good Leaf farms and another classroom vermicomposting system.  Along with independent inquiry projects on various aspects of the food system, students also worked together to create a circular food how-to guide.  


2022 Classroom Challenge:  Centre Wellington District High School

In May 2022, Our Food Future visited the grade 11/12 Green Industries classroom at CWDHS.  Nearing the end of their school year, the students were eager to take on a redesign and planting of some tired garden spaces outside.  Students learned about the circular food systems and regenerative agricultural practices.  They also took Our Food Future staff on a tour of their amazing greenhouses.  Students worked in teams and were challenged to integrate circular ideas and regenerative practices into designs for the outdoor garden space.    After design and a lot of outdoor labour, $500 was awarded to the class for plants and materials for their outdoor food and pollinator garden.


What’s next?

In 2023, we will launch a school wide challenge program at the elementary and high school levels.  $1500 awards for up to 10 classes or school clubs/committees will be announced.  Some Circular Food System projects could include:

  • Composting and vermicomposting that links to Food Growing 
  • Experimenting with planters made out of found materials
  • Local Agriculture and Urban Agriculture Tours
  • Circular Economy/Circular Food Economy 101 


High school teacher Heather Cameron noted  that through the program, students in her classroom had “a greater appreciation for all the food in the store.”


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