What else is happening in Guelph-Wellington?

Guelph-Wellington, you are amazing!

The work to create a circular economy here in our community is not ours alone. It takes all of us - each working together, leveraging innovation and building relationships to make meaningful change. Here is some of what is happing in Guelph-Wellington.  

Nutritious foods

University of Guelph Family Health Study

Developing ways to help families maintain healthy behaviours.



Delivering community programs and advocates to address the causes and effects of food insecurity; removing barriers to healthy food


Taste Real Local Food Map

Allowing Guelph-Wellington residents to purchase locally-grown food and support community growers


Circular business and collaboration

Urban farms

Creating local, indoor, hydroponic vertical farming of fresh vegetables built on a sustainable business model


Oreka Solutions

Converting underutilized waste into natural feed product for livestock


Waste as a resource

Arrell Food Institute

Research to produce enough food for the growing human population, while sustaining the ecosystems on which we depend. Carbon offsets: capturing and destroying the resulting credits by selling carbon offsets.


Provision Coalition

Assisting food and beverage manufacturers to assess their sustainability challenges in order to increase efficiencies and minimize food waste.