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We are bringing people, ideas, and technology together
to build Canada's first circular food economy.

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Proud participant at the
World Circular Economy
Forum 2021

Watch the recording of Food Future's Circular Food Accelerator session here

COIL welcomes first cohort

We're accelerating circular businesses across southern Ontario. Forty food and environment businesses will work with COIL to reduce or transform waste.

How do we create new circular food businesses and collaborations for an inclusive green economy?

How do we transform the food system so everyone has access to healthy, nutritious food?

How do we use data and technology to unlock the economic value of food waste?

Guelph Wellington Food Waste Flow Study

Food Future researchers have completed a detailed map of food material flows across our region. 

Food Flow Study results  

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Kitchen Table

Where Our Food Future becomes a movement.

The Food Future Kitchen Table is where we will launch challenges, share knowledge, harvest great ideas, and build community connections.

Join the community and help us grow our regional circular food future!

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It takes a community to feed a community.

Help The SEED deliver nutritious food to those in need.


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Cultivating community and connection

We've been doing a lot. From helping families grow food at home to
research into how COVID-19 is impacting the community.

Learn about the actions we've taken so far as we create Canada’s first
circular food economy. 

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The podcast series where we talk about all things related
to the creation of Canada's first circular food economy.


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