About Us

Food is a fundamental requirement of life on this planet. However, the basic structure of today’s linear “take-make-dispose” food system is unsustainable—economically, socially and environmentally.

Natural resources, take, make, dispose, waste

In Guelph-Wellington, one in six families experiences food insecurity, and the cost of healthy food keeps increasing. Meanwhile, between a third and a half of the food we produce is thrown away. Much of that ends up in landfill, where it creates the greenhouse gases that drive climate change.

Guelph-Wellington aims to address these issues by creating Canada’s first circular food economy, reimagining how we produce, distribute, sell and consume food. We imagine a food system where everyone can access nutritious food, nothing is wasted, and the impact on our environment is minimal. We imagine a system where food experts and entrepreneurs come together to tackle our most complex food challenges.

Guelph-Wellington will become Canada’s first circular food economy with three bold goals:

  • 50% increase in access to affordable, nutritious food;
  • 50 new circular food businesses, collaborations and social enterprises; and
  • 50% increase in economic benefit by unlocking the value of waste.

Working together, we will share our ideas, data and technology solutions to move from the current system to a sustainable and thriving food economy that creates new jobs, and values our planet, health, equity and dignity for everyone.